I typed this blog post on my instagram page in February - but here it is again! It is a story so dear to me it needs telling again and again and again...

As I sit here, surrounded by my life neatly tucked away into carefully labelled cardboard boxes, it has made me feel reflective and reminiscent 🌱

I feel the need to tell you about how I ended up here, on my sound healing journey ✨

Wind back the clock to the 9th October 2019. I was a guitar teacher and a wedding singer and my beautiful Nana was in very ill in hospital.

I cancelled my pupils on that Wednesday afternoon, picked up my guitar, jumped into my dads car and we headed up to the hospital.

That afternoon me, mum, dad and my 83-year-old great uncle Colin sang to my beautiful Nana.

We sang all the songs from the Sound Of Music in three part blood harmony as I softly played my guitar. We sang her favourite songs and we sang our favourite songs.

Our voices swelled sweetly down the hospital corridors - tender, tearful & full of love.

Nana had lost all movement at this point - but I could see her soul smiling.

And as we sang we soothed her soul - and it was in this moment I realised that the human voice is the most healing thing in the universe ✨

Our voices didn’t bring my Nana back into full health - but they did surround her with the unconditional love to let her know it was ok for her to pass away...

Our voices held her, soothed her and brought her to a place of peace she had been searching for.

And this is also the moment I realised what healing is.

Healing is finding that place of peace deep in your heart.

We sang to her for hours... and it wasn’t until we had all left - she passed away peacefully in the small hours of the next morning 💛

I truly, truly believe we healed & held her that day with our humble human voices.

Two weeks later I started my sound healing diploma 💛

Love & light,

Hannah x

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Over the past 12 months I have found stillness, clarity and solace within the simple practice of chanting mantras.

I have the perfect mantra for your springtime mornings...

Aham Prema 🙏🏼

✨ I am that which I seek.

✨ I am divine love.

Begin by finding a sweet, effortless and comfortable posture - you know your body best and what will serve you the most. Then drop the busy thinking mind deep into the peaceful heart by gently and gratefully focusing on the breath. Just feeling every inhale and exhale like waves of positivity rising and falling from the body 🌊

Slowly chant the words Aham Prema... Really feeling the way the flow on the breath. Really noticing the way they resonate within.

Know that there are three main ways to chant. The first is silently reciting it in your head over and over. Start this way to focus the mind.

If you feel your confidence blossoming or the call to do so - you can try to say it aloud or even say it on a whisper.

Each way carries a different resonance... So I encourage you to play with this and notice how you feel.

I'd love to know what your favourite mantra is for this time of year?

And how did this simple practice make you feel?

Love & light,

Hannah x

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Let me tell you a story 🦋

In less than two weeks Ali & I move into our new home in Hebden Bridge - it’s a villa built in 1880 with white wooden floors, a real fire, curvy staircases and tiny wooden shelves all over the place perfect for crystals & plants!

When I met Ali, he lived in Todmorden, which is right next door to Hebden and I moved in with him! We had the best year exploring the Calder Valley and all its magical, quirky places 💛 Now, after a few years in Clitheroe, it’s time to go back and continue the adventure together ✨

I feel like I’ve met an edge in my life - the start of a new chapter... where you stand and look out to sea and just have to jump right in 🌊

So at the start of January I started a “manifesting” challenge with @gabbybernstein 💛 Day one, I really had no idea what to manifest 🙈 so I wrote down... “My desire is to manifest a home I feel creative in... a home that I can work in... a home I can relax in... a home that Ali feels rooted to... a home with a window that look out to nature...”

8 days later I asked the universe for a sign. I asked if I was on the right path in life, if I was making the right decisions for the future “please, please universe show me a blue butterfly...” 🦋

A blue butterfly is a pretty big ask in the depths of January.

But she heard me loud and clear.

And here is my blue butterfly. On the front of our Hebden Bridge home... I spotted it when we went to look around the property and cried my eyes out (Ali had no idea what was going on bless him!)

So here’s to the future, the edges that we meet, the signs we collect and the paths we are yet to take 🙏🏼

P.S - OF COURSE I’ll still be working in Clitheroe at the beautiful Melo Rooms & at Vanessa Flow Yoga 💛💛💛

P.P.S - Hebden Bridge has a very good train link from Clitheroe so we will be expecting you all to come for drinks, dancing and days out 🥰

Hannah xxxx

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