Oracle Cards are simply a tool that offers a way to focus your intuition so you can tune into spiritual guidance and insight. The cards themselves are not magic… But rather they offer a mechanism for you to tune into the magic and Divine guidance within you!

The Universe Has Your Back Deck


Light a candle, create a space of love, close your eyes and take a deep inhale - the biggest inhale you have taken all day!

Slowly shuffle the cards and spread out face down in front of you.

Now gently hover your hand over the deck until you FEEL the need to pick a certain card... this is your intuition telling you this is the card you most need today!

Study the card... Does this card resonate with you... what do the words say to you? How does the picture make you feel? Take note of the colour of the card... are there any symbols within the picture? Keep looking deeper and deeper into the card...

You might want to set the picture of your oracle card as the wallpaper on your phone as a constant reminder over the next few days or place it by your bed or keep it in your meditation space!


SOULFUL WOMAN DECK - The wisdom of these affirmations and the powerful artwork that illustrates the deck will help you to relax into life's flow, trust in divine timing, follow your intuition, connect with your heart's desire and open to receive the extraordinary blessings the universe has to offer you.

SACRED SELF-CARE DECK - These cards help you connect with your intuition and deepen your self-care practice Whimsically illustrated and wonderfully vibrant this deck helps you create rituals to nourish you on the deepest levels your soul is calling for, inviting you to ask: What do I need to feel centred and balanced today? How can I connect with my body's intuition? If I only have a short time for me this week, how should I spend it?

These beautiful and inspiring cards also come with an in-depth guidebook for mantras, journal prompts and additional guidance.

ENERGY MUSE - This deck boasts stunning photography of Mother Earth's most energy-filled crystals adorn each card, and the guidebook offers instructions for different types of readings. Learn about the energetic properties of each crystal and each card gives affirmations and "crystal actions" to tap into a stone's power today.

I'd love to hear which your favourite deck is?


Hannah xx


Tiger Eye combines the earth energy with that of the sun. It is known for building courage. Roman soldiers wore Tiger’s Eye rings for strength and protection before going into battle. Ancient Chinese believed that it brought good fortune to the wearer. It assists in accomplishing goals, recognises inner resources and clarity of intention.

Common source | South Africa

Astrological associations | Capricorn

Key word | Courage

Chakra | Solar Plexus


Tiger’s Eye is an ideal stone for anyone suffering with lack of self worth and/or creativity. It brings you courage, it is the ‘feel better’ and ‘go for it’ stone. It is good for intuition, new beginnings and sharpening of the mind. It helps you to become centred and calm, regardless of what you have to face. It can be used to bring to the surface any problems of the mind and mental body where the normal thought processes have gone wrong.

Affirmation | I am courageous


Hold your crystal over your heart, feel the strength and protection radiating into your heart. Say out loud "I am courageous" three times! Take your crystal with you when you need to conquer fear.


Love & Light ,

Jackie - Mother Moon

The small but mighty high-vibrational tuning fork! I’ve loved spending time meditating and exploring my harmonic spectrum set this week. After just 10 minutes my mind feels clearer, thoughts are more centred and I’m literally buzzing with new energy! It’s been so interesting to see that I’ve been drawn to completely different notes, intervals and triads everyday

I've been creating my own "sonic tonics" or should I call them "vibrational cocktails" during my morning sound mediations - by listening deeply to each tuning fork and using my intuition to guide me to which I need to hear most for the day. Selecting two to three tuning forks that make me feel calm, centred and deeply connected.

Each tuning fork in my Harmonic Spectrum resonates with each different chakra.








I’ve found this beautiful passage on that sums up their power so perfectly...

“When the specialist tuning fork sets are applied on and around the body, the specific frequencies remind the body of its natural resonance pattern. As the sound waves travel through the bodies energy field a vibrational shift begins, triggering a re-patterning at a cellular level. A domino effect is initiated in the body, as it is encouraged to restore itself back to its natural harmonic pattern. Vibrational shifts will influence the body on a holographic level, thus aiding in re-balancing physical, emotional and subtle energy imbalances, including those within the aura, chakras and meridian circuits...”

If you fancy your own sonic tonic - please just drop me a message. I'd be happy to have a chat over Facebook or Zoom - it's always great to capture some background information and from this we can set an intention together and find which forks are best for you! I will then create you a tailored 5 minute Tuning Fork meditation that you can incorporate into your daily practice.


Hannah x

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