Fill your day with tiny rituals, blessings, wishes and moments of self care. If like me, you have been finding these long dark nights really dark - here are a few simple moments and ideas to help you find and shine your light in every single day. Make time for the humblest of pleasures.

Find your roots...

Bring in the last colours of the winter...

Carve out spaces of happiness within your home...

See things with fresh eyes & childlike wonder, zoom out & gain perspective...

Tread the unbeaten track...

Glow a little lighter with each new day...

...and return home.

I've also put together for you a winter-inspired meditation playlist to sooth & warm the soul.

I'd love to hear your tiny-day-to-day rituals. The moments of the day you refuse to miss. The moments you capture in your mind like a polaroid. The warmth of the wonder. The soul-nurturing-honey-coloured fragments of life.


Hannah x

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Cosy, connected... kindle those festive feelings! Here is what I have coming up online this December!

WEDNESDAY 9TH | 10am | Morning Sound Healing Meditation

Inviting in the light of the glittering, precious December sun for a moment of solstice stillness, gratitude and peace this Wednesday morning. Pop the kettle on, light a candle and take time to rest & nest - drop the busy thinking mind into the peaceful heart.

Meditate to glittering & angelic sounds of the Crystal Bowls, Koshi Wind Chimes, Tibetan Bowls, Drums, the Wind Gong, softly sung Mantras.

“Let this snowshaker of self just settle…” - Tess Howell

Don’t worry if you can’t join me live on Wednesday morning - I can send you the recording over after the session for you to enjoy in your own time, any time! Just drop me a message to let me know you!


SUNDAY 13TH | 7pm | Spiritual Book Club

We have been reading Gabby Bernstein's The Universe Has Your Back if you would like to join us on Sunday 13th December @ 7pm drop me a little message and I’ll get the zoom link to you!

Light a candle, gather your crystals and pop the kettle on for a cosy evening with open-hearted, whole-hearted, moon-gazing, nature-dwelling, soul-seeking kindred spirits

I have loved this book and found it truly inspiring - I can’t wait to hear what you think too!!

MONDAY 14TH | 8pm | Starry Skies Wintertide Sound Bath

Meditate to glittering, angelic sounds and cultivate deep feelings of stillness & inner peace this December with Good Vibrations Ribble Valley. Collect your crystals, light a candle, pour a hot chocolate, find the softest blanket & fill your heart with comfort & joy this festive season.

“Above thy deep and dreamless sleep the silent stars go by…”

Lie down, close your eyes, breathe deeply, let go of what no longer serves you and soak in the rich & beautiful vibrations of the Crystal Bowls, Koshi Wind Chimes, Tibetan Bowls, Drums, the Wind Gong, softly sung Mantras and of course sleigh bells!


WEDNESDAY 16TH | 8PM | Stretch Sound Bath at Home

A festive, cosy, Christmassy & connected evening of movement & meditation from the comfort of your own home. Your perfect mid-week-boost for your mind, body & soul! Time to wind down before the festive season. Create space in your body & mind - 20 minutes of stretching with Amy followed by a 20 minute dreamy, cosy sound bath with Hannah.

Zoom invite will be received once you have confirmed your booking at -

SUNDAY 20TH | 7pm | Wild Woman Winter Solstice Celebration

Jooles & Hannah invite you to a Wild Woman Solstice Celebration on Sunday 20th December to call in the precious winter light on the shortest day and longest night of the year. An evening of songs, healing sounds, meditations, folklore, intention setting & traditional solstice celebrations. This is an invitation to gather with kindred spirits, surround yourself with light, be still & to look forward to the new year.

Hannah from Good Vibrations Ribble Valley & Jooles from Wild Woman Gather will delicately underpin these celebrations and meditations with healing sounds. You will be cocooned in the harmonious tones of the Tibetan Bowls, Koshi Wind Chimes, the Frame Drum and softly sung Mantras.

A time to reflect, nest and rest knowing that the joyful sun will return with her warmth, love and light. We invite you to bring along something sacred to share - be that a poem, a picture, a crystal, an element of nature, a song or a quote!

"Standing in the circle, beneath the web of light, dancing in the moonlight on a cold new year's night..." - Brian Boothby


I can't wait to see you soon -


Hannah xx


The colour of Citrine ranges from milky white to clear through to a sunny yellow transparent colour. It’s name originates from the French word Citrine, meaning lemon and is believed to carry the power of the sun. It is a joyful stone with bright energies.

Common source | Brazil

Astrological associations | Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra

Key word | Joy

Chakra | Solar Plexus


Citrine is a lustrous stone which balances the solar plexus chakra, if this chakra is balanced you will have a positive mental attitude, joy, hope and be free from emotional hang-ups and inhibitions. If you choose to wear Citrine it is said to banish negativity and gloom, it has a general ‘feel good’ factor.

Affirmation | I am joyful


Hold this sun filled crystal in your hand, feel the joy and hope flowing into your solar plexus. Say out loud "I am joyful" three times! Wear this crystal to banish the blues!


Love and Healing,

Jackie - Mother Moon Crystals

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