A Mantra For Springtime

Over the past 12 months I have found stillness, clarity and solace within the simple practice of chanting mantras.

I have the perfect mantra for your springtime mornings...

Aham Prema 🙏🏼

✨ I am that which I seek.

✨ I am divine love.

Begin by finding a sweet, effortless and comfortable posture - you know your body best and what will serve you the most. Then drop the busy thinking mind deep into the peaceful heart by gently and gratefully focusing on the breath. Just feeling every inhale and exhale like waves of positivity rising and falling from the body 🌊

Slowly chant the words Aham Prema... Really feeling the way the flow on the breath. Really noticing the way they resonate within.

Know that there are three main ways to chant. The first is silently reciting it in your head over and over. Start this way to focus the mind.

If you feel your confidence blossoming or the call to do so - you can try to say it aloud or even say it on a whisper.

Each way carries a different resonance... So I encourage you to play with this and notice how you feel.

I'd love to know what your favourite mantra is for this time of year?

And how did this simple practice make you feel?

Love & light,

Hannah x

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